Who are SmartSeal

What is it?

SmartSeal is a closure designer and producer offering Flex closures with a unique spill proof valve technology.


The technology is based on a patented valve control technology. SmartSeal`s design in combination with the unique technology has won numerous awards.


SmartSeal closures are produced by our partner Alpla in Austria. In cooperation with Alpla, SmartSeal offers a high-quality closure to the market.

About us

SmartSeal has since 2001 researched and developed technology for closures controlling the flow of liquid from bottles and pouches.

SmartSeal design and manufacture the Flex closures. These spill-proof closures have been sold to markets worldwide since 2012 and the closure technology is increasing its presence all over the world.

SmartSeal is the inventor and owner of the SmartSeal spill control closure technology, who also licence the technology to companies that wish to use it for their own products.

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