The SmartSeal non-spill valve technology is a patented solution for food, beverage packaging and containers.

SmartSeal closures have four main patented features that distinguishes the closure;

  • Dust cap. With one hand stay open functionality and tactile 180° hinge
  • Secure seal. Plug-seal keeps the closures gas tight for up to 3 bar,
    unfluctuating of high temperature
  • Non-spill technology 100% spill-proof
  • Award winning design, for its features, intuitive appearance and appealing look

From the molding process to the recycling, there is a high level of quality and innovative features supporting the closures life cycle.

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The valve is plugged into a transportation position and will provide a long-term gas sealing.


When used first time, the valve snaps out of the transportation status, and the closure will be in an open status.


After first use, the valve will automatically close, and re-seal against the second valve seat.


SmartSeals closures come with a high quality. Our products are thoroughly tested for a range of risks including child safety and comply with industrial standards. They respect several EN saftey norms and are also tested using the methods described in the ISBT and BSDA standards. Our closures are produced by Alpla, and Actege is our principal raw material supplier.